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Orchard Walk
Mt Tibrogargan Walking Track
Childrens Seek And Find Trail
Childrens Seek And Find Trail
Chair way to Heaven
Chair way to Heaven
Birdwing Butterfly
Birdwing Butterfly
Tree Planting At Ecolodge
Tree Planting At Ecolodge
Rail Carriage Lounge & Library
Relax in the Breezeway
Relax in the Breezeway
Off The Beaten Track
Off The Beaten Track

Things To Do at the Ecolodge

Walks to Nearby National Parks

There are numerous walking tracks in the surrounding National Parks.

National Parks Walks. Start your walk at the Ecolodge. 3 to choose from including easy walks of 1 hour up to half day walks. Free map of the various walks available at the Ecolodge office. Take a packed lunch and off you go!

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The Orchard Walk - Our Garden Of Eaten

Take our tropical fruits guidebook to wander amongst the 60 tropical and exotic fruits that have been planted at the Ecolodge over the past 20 years. Taste and smell the fruits and nuts in season. It is all yours to enjoy.

The Bush Tucker Walk

Meander through our regrowth rainforest and creek area located at the rear of the Ecolodge property. The owners and guests have planted hundreds of trees here to regenerate this once weed infested creek area. Use the Ecolodge self guided bush tucker booklet to discover the different types of native bush foods and nuts available in the rainforest.

Children's Seek and Find

Designed specifically for children accompanied by a parent or adult.

It has been created in such a way as to stimulate children's 5 senses and help them gain a greater sense of the natural world through their own discoveries.

The creek trail in which the activity takes place was once long ago part of a unique rainforest system.

Over the past 20 years the family, guests and staff have been regenerating it by planting hundreds of indigenous rainforest trees, shrubs and vines.

FLESTERING – Art Walk in the Orchard Garden

The art of discarded objects found. Are you intrigued?

Waste is something we do, not something that is.

Flestering is an attempt to render our cultural dysfunctions in whimsical ways as a means of increasing understanding and transforming our behaviour in the face of our ecological vandalism.

Enjoy our flestering walk and think about how you deal with your rubbish, your waste. What and how are you 'wasting' and what will you do about it?

Learn and Explore

  • Bird Watching. The Ecolodge has identified over 120 species of birds on the property. Our Bird identification book allows you to record your sightings. Binoculars are provided. Our library also carries a range of bird and local wildlife books.
  • Richmond Birding Butterfly. This large beautiful local butterfly is now threatened with extinction. The Ecolodge has become part of the local network of landowners committed to planting the special vine, which the butterfly needs for its continued survival. Read and learn more about it at the Ecolodge library.
  • Queensland Cane Toad. Learn about this introduced species and what we are doing at the Ecolodge to monitor its behaviour. You are invited to catch some cane toads during the summer months to help reduce their numbers.

Relax in Our Rail Carriage Lounge & Library Or in the Breezeway

After a long day exploring why not relax in our Lounge car/library which has a range of novels, and board games.

There are guide books about environmental projects being undertaken at the Ecolodge and binoculars available for bird watching.

Play board games, catch-up on that book, or simply do nothing and relax on the daybed in the Breezeway.

Pack a Picnic

The Glasshouse Mountains Lookout (located only a few kilometres from the Ecolodge) is a popular spot for a picnic, BBQ or a sunset drink. Spectacular views of the volcanic plugs and surrounding plains to the sea inspire any one.

Get Off the Beaten Track

There are a number of tracks through the national parks and nearby state forests. Hiking is an option but mountain bikes are the best way to get around. So bring your own along if you choose and spend a day in the great outdoors.

For the Adventurous

Get the blood rushing! Go on one of our Ecolodge adventures — abseiling, climbing, skydiving, kayaking, or hot air ballooning.

The Ecolodge uses a variety of local operators to conduct these tours. All begin within 30 minutes of the Ecolodge and bookings in advance are essential.

View Rockclimbing in Glass House Mountains >

A Tailor Made Holiday

Your host and Ecolodge owner, Keith Murray, has lived in the area since 1982 and knows all the special places to head for and those to avoid. Allow Keith and the team at the Ecolodge to plan your own special itinerary during your stay.

All tours can be pre-booked from the Ecolodge office either prior to or upon arrival. Please let us know of any special requests at the time of booking your accommodation.

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