the most unique mountains in queensland

Our Values

How It All Started

The Ecolodge was cleared of bushland for pineapple farming back in the early 1920’s. The property was once a 40 acre soldier settler block given to soldiers returning from World War 1.

Keith Murray, owner of the Ecolodge, purchased the land in 1982 with the idea that some day it could become a retreat for weary travellers. Over the past 30 years Keith and his family members have planted hundreds of trees to replace the pineapples. They also relocated a 120 year old wooden church on the back of a truck and moved four train carriages to the site.

In 2004 the Glasshouse Mountains Ecolodge opened for those eco-travelers that Keith knew would somehow find their way here from the four corners of the globe. Keith had more than a vision of a place for people to stay overnight. He went about creating a place that fitted with his own values of sustainability, equity, social justice and care for the environment.


Ecotourism Definition

The Ecolodge is a member of the International Ecotourism Club which is a worldwide organisation that actively promotes environmental awareness to travellers.

The Eco Club defines Ecotourism as Eco-logical Tourism. We see Eco-tourism as a movement for better tourism and for environmental, social and economic justice. We define Eco-tourism as the ideal state of tourism that:

  • Minimises its own environmental impact
  • Funds environmental education
  • Funds projects that promote equality and reduce poverty in the local community
  • Increases environmental and cultural knowledge and intercultural understanding
  • Is affordable and open to all